5 thing Friday

1: 3 weeks ago I switched from natural thyroid (Armour) med to synthetic ones (Cytomel and Levothyroxine). Now all I want to do is sleep :( The Dr. isn’t in today. 

2: Due to wanting to sleep all day and night I have not done any workouts. Due to not working out I have been anxious and depressed feeling. Therefore feeling more tired. 

3: I plan on downloading an audio book to walk with tonight. Bribing myself. 

4: Kiddo is going to the grandparents house this weekend. 

5: I need to get caught up on gardening and house work this weekend! 

No beer

I didn’t drink tonight. The first Saturday in ages. I rarely drink on Friday because of CrossFit (used to be long runs)

That meant Saturdays were my day/night to let my hair down and forget about the world for a bit.

Now that I am doing the food challenge there is only 1 day with booze allowed without penalty.

Tomorrow is bowling and we have to make up a league night. = 4 hours of bowling. Yep no way I am doing that sans beer!

So instead of drinking I cleAned the kitchen and prepped food!

Lincoln Marathon Part 3

I finished the marathon.

That was the easy part! 

Enduring the next 4 days was the hard part.

I went home and showered and had some recoverite and a snack. My stomach was upset and not happy.

i was exhausted and promptly went to bed after getting cleaned up and and fed. This probably wasn’t the smartest thing for the legs but I physically couldn’t stay awake any longer. 

I slept hard for 2 hours and had a hard time waking up to go meet the internet.

We all met at Lazlos for some mediocre food. 

Went home and went back to bed.

I had Monday off work and that was a good thing. I could BARELY walk. My legs hurt worse then they ever had before in my ENTIRE life! I was also still exhausted. The ONLY thing I did that day was accompany my sister to the store. Otherwise I was busy sleeping! 

I never got the overwhelming desire to eat everything that I hear people talking about. 

Tuesday was about 50% better. I still couldn’t walk normal and couldn’t command my legs to move faster then a sleepy turtle. 

Wednesday was again 50% better and I no longer needed ibuprofen to get through the day.

Thursday I finally felt almost whole again and by Friday my legs were back to normal. Except an area of “injury” on my right leg from a muscle used for walking that is still swollen today. 

Anyway, the recovery from the marathon was waaaaaay worse then the marathon itslef.

I am praying that the recovery after Chicago will be far easier as we are staying for 3 days after to sight see.