Inhaler, steroids, and antibiotics from dr

Family Easter on Sunday

Visiting son tomorrow

I miss him

Home sick

Have had a cold


Have never coughed so violently in my life

Do It

If you ever have the chance to help out a kid that is less fortunate, comes from a crappy family, or just plain ole needs some extra support, DO IT

I can not find words to tell you how freaking incredible it is when that kid starts smiling. Starts laughing. Starts living their life like they should!

We had an amazing weekend with B. 

She had previously dyed her hair black. In an effort to lighten it all up we colored it. Sadly when I did the bleach I screwed something up and we had to get it cut. She looks amazing! Unfortunately her mom is a bitch and told her she was ugly and it looked horrible. I quickly reminded B how amazing she is and that her mom was sad and jealous of her weekend with us. It came out later that was exactly what happened. 

Anyway, the point to this post is you should mentor a kid, or volunteer, or something. If not for them, then for yourself because it will make you feel unstoppable! 

Happy national pet day

I am so excited to mail these post cards to kiddo!!

Where’s Waldo and a make your own sketch!

I love you guys

You guys are seriously the most amazing group of people I have ever “met”. 

Took B to volunteer at The Cat House with me tonight. 

Those cats sure know how to brighten my day!

Hoping son calls later!

Took B to volunteer at The Cat House with me tonight.

Those cats sure know how to brighten my day!

Hoping son calls later!

It is ridiculous how much I already miss him. 

I am sure a norm will happen someday. Right now though, my heart hurts. 

Brain dump

after the break. sorry people who are on their phones

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Will you lay with me so I am not lonely


My sister and I “adopted” a new little sister. It is my son’s ex gf. 

I am about as far from perfect as one can get. With that said I do not understand how some people can be themselves. 

The new sister lives in town. her dad is in jail right now. the mom thinks she is psychic. They are all undereducated. 

B (new sister) came to our houses (real sister and I only live a block from each other) this weekend with very greasy hair. Found out they have no shower supplies at home. 

Did her laundry this weekend. She didn’t wash her under garments. Come to find out she doesn’t have extras so that she can wash the ones she is wearing. 

She was in foster care last year because her dad touched her inappropriately. The parents convinced her to tell the judge she lied so she could come back home. 

She doesn’t understand basic concepts of life. Like saying please and thank you. Or showering on a regular basis. Or expressing her needs (emotional or physical)

My sister and I are hoping we can be a positive influence in her life. We are hoping to make sure she has everything she needs. To help her to learn to stand up for herself. To value herself. To demand basic human rights. 

Of course the mother is jealous. Thinks she shouldn’t spend too much time with us. 

Lord knows we might corrupt her into thinking for herself! 

1: Had PT this morning and they did some Graston. I was prepared for it to hurt. It didn’t. My IT bands still hurt. 

2: Not ready for MOnday. Son leaves tomorrow.

3: A new Planet Fitness is opening not too far away from me. Hubs and I are getting memberships. Fat be gone!

4: Rainy here. Not helping my mood much. 

Just found out son leaves for treatment next week. 

they tell me he will be gone for 4-6 months

I knew it was coming. Yet I still feel like a truck ran me over. 

All the feels 

One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like everything you touch goes to crap??


I realized I booked a motel for the boss in the wrong state… (Fortunately the refunded the money)

Sent a bid to the same contractors THREE times. The first time was the wrong project, the second time I forgot a price, and the third time was finally right. 

When will this day be over?