I am officially in the chicken business. 

Sunday my Step-dad (papa) and I had a business brunch to discuss the future of our chicken growing future. 

We have contacted the USDA and found out the rules and regulations. We have contacted the Nebraska Food Coop and found out how to become part of that. I am in communication with the famous Mr. Rich Green and he is going to help us refine our name and come up with a logo. 

I am excited because the last 3 rounds of chickens have left us broke but with a bucket full of information. 

We will have Nebraska’s ONLY grass fed chickens! Our proprietary feeding system will nutritionally amp the chickens up. They will be free range to optimize their life and their  nutritional availability. We will actually be sending our chickens to a lab to compare to a local, giant conventional, chicken grower. 

These will be GRAIN FREE chickens at or around store prices!!

We are so excited to enter this market and have people eating nutritionally complete food. 

We feel so strongly about this that we will be sending a sample to a lab for comparison compared to a store bought whole chicken. 

No grand plans.

Earlier this year I went from a size 14 to an 8. Not from any grand plan or big change. Little things here and there. With a general focus of picking better food when I could and moving more (FedEx job really helped that)

Now I find myself feeling lost again. Food choices are not superb and I am feeling squishy

I bought some frozen dinners last night. Organic ones. Still frozen. Better for me then fast food. Brought fruit today too.

Baby steps

I am not going to train for the half marathon I am signed up for in November. I am going to start from the beginning by just getting out there.

I may show up on race day to walk it. I have no intentions of trying to run it.

Sunday Seven

- Training is non existent. i have no idea what to do. 1/2 marathon is on Nov. 9 

- New job is um, well, why do I have such a bad feeling about it? I just do not feel like I am going to fit in. It is a long story. The short of it is that I seriously do not do well with underlying messages. I need things black and white. The relationships in the office are anything but. 

- Also, I hate that I can only work 1 job. My bank account doesn’t have time for that.

- Bank account is so sad. While I did get the biggest check of my life on Friday (Hello 112 hours + mileage) My bills for the next 2 weeks are 100$ more than said check. 

- Because I am stupid and obviously have emotional shortcomings. I have been shopping. Clothes clothes and more clothes. Part of this shopping was a need as I have to dress up everyday and owned approximately 1 dress up outfit. Sadly, I have bought more than I need to get by. 

- Husband completed truck school and started Orientation last week. He will be. 4 weeks now without pay. 2.5 weeks with minimal pay (seriously, equivalent to $5/hr)  then he will finally start making $. Because he is new he will make the lowest cents per mile. I know this is all good for the long term. The short term is killing me.

- I think the shopping and new job is masking an underlying “about to freak the fuck out”. I don’t know what about or why but I feel like something is amiss. 

- 2 weeks, and counting, behind on training plan

- sick. Have a cold.

- slept for 13 hours last night.

- so many personalities to decipher at my new job.

- I am suffering from lack of confidence right now.

Happy caturday

Happy caturday

May 5 2012       (original weight loss goal day)      
Belly button 33
Nat waist 29.5
Hips 34
9/19/14 (Today)

No fluctuations here…. 


98 hours in 8 days this week

I have water in my bedroom. 1/3 of the floor and subfloor will need replaced

I have a roof leak in a different area

My cat is crying because she wants to move outside

Husband has no idea what he is going to make at new job or when he will start making it

My volunteer job with the cats fired me for being unreliable (I have had to work at my paying job the last 2 weeks) them just texted to possibly rehire me


Funny thing about this sweater… It is supposed to be full length but it shrunk when I washed it.

Skirt $4.47. Tank $1.98. Sweater $16.


$9.99 dress from Shopko that I love!


The third batch of chickens were processed a couple weekends ago.

That batch was raise free range with fodder supplement. They have the most amazing color I have ever seen on a chicken! 

Now it is time for us to decide where this operation is going. We are considering going full steam ahead. Getting incorporated. 

I can foresee though that navigating all of the rules is going to be tedious and tiring :( 

I wish the government made things understandable and to the point! 

Millions of people have decided not to be sensitive. They have grown thick skins around themselves just to avoid being hurt by anybody. But it is at great cost. Nobody can hurt them, but nobody can make them happy either. — Osho (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
The cat says goodnight.

The cat says goodnight.